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For the Love of Service

Happy February, friends! February is typically associated with Valentine’s Day and love- and we love that, because we love serving others. Although the month isn’t quite over, we have already accomplished much. We began attending an intensive, hands on course, led by an experienced industry professional, and have learned a great deal already- all in an effort to serve you better. We have made visits to our established community partners, gained a new partner, and made visits to potential partners. We attended the Alzheimer’s Project 33rd Annual Conference and saw some familiar faces as well as learned some new information about how we can better serve our clients and their families. We think that we can be stronger, together. A rising tide lifts all ships, after all. Oh, and- our favorite- we have decided to begin hosting fun social events! What better way to communicate our commitment than good old-fashioned demonstration?

Catching up with a community partner at the 33rd Annual Alzheimer’s Project Conference


Another community partner at the 33rd Annual Alzheimer’s Project Conference

Be on the lookout soon for our name popping up on the event calendar as hosts of some fun activities at various locations, such as BINGO and ice cream socials. We have begun stocking up on prizes for BINGO- hey, on that note… what kind of prizes would you want to win if you participated? We digress- what other fun activities would you like to see us participating in? BBQs? Story times? Game days? Dance parties? We want to hear from you- give us your best ideas!

Additionally- we are getting ready to launch a comprehensive wellness program, which will consist of a multi-faceted approach to ensuring well being. This is just another way we are working hard to provide a personalized experience with our services.

We have also been working diligently to continue building our online and community presence. It takes a lot of effort! But, as mentioned above, we are doing our best to demonstrate, rather than just say, how committed we are to being available to serve the Tallahassee community and its seniors. We have been reevaluating our processes and our priorities and hope to make it apparent that Feels Like Family can be your extended family of sorts. This goes for clients and community partners. It is our goal to make people feel comfortable, meet needs, and generally improve quality of life across the board. That said, we are here for you!

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