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Ben And Molly Woodsum, Owners

Ben and Molly Woodsum, Owners

Ben and Molly Woodsum are lifetime Tallahassee natives with an endless supply of true southern comfort. Growing up in a house full of educators, Ben decided to become a teacher and taught Kindergarten and Exceptional Student Education for ten years. In Molly’s youth, she babysat frequently, and has now gone on to gain ten years’ experience in social services & early education, non-profit, and consumer relations work. Regularly showering loved ones with care, it was eventually apparent that their hearts are in helping others- true service people.

Ben and Molly have loved ones who resided in assisted living facilities toward the end of their lives. Unimpressed and unsatisfied with the level of care provided, Ben and Molly decided to take a stance. They want to see some of the resources and compassion which are put into younger generations also being put into the care and quality of life of our senior citizens and those who need help in their day-to-day living. They are putting every effort into providing independent living and daily help to those who need it, and doing their best to bring awareness to the Tallahassee community. From just taking the time to listen to someone and truly hear the messages being delivered, to jovial companionship, to appropriate spontaneous outings, to home cooked meals, to relishing in the delight of life’s accomplishments and fond memories, and certainly much more, Feels Like Family will be there.

To Ben and Molly, family comes first. For many of us that live far away from our family or cannot see them as often as we would like, we struggle to find the peace of mind when it comes to caring for our loved ones when we cannot always be around. There will always be a higher aim- we never want loved ones to feel like they are having to settle for something. Feels Like Family brings the kind of care and special attention that can only be found in a family run business.

Our Mission

Feels Like Family is completely devoted to excellence by providing compassionate care that leads to a dignified, independent. and safe lifestyle in the comfort of your own home. We are here to make life easier and want to help you to live it to the fullest.

Our Commitment

Client care is our number one priority. We want to assure you, families, and physicians that we are providing compassionate, sensitive, and dependable services in the least restrictive environment. Our professional staff always have a positive attitude.

Family-Owned and Operated

We Treat You and Your Family Just Like Our Family

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